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When your scout is suspicious of the food… but doesn’t want the NPCs to realise…

The Prince is a shady individual.

Playing Vampire the Requiem with my group and this session we did some character bonding while the DM and her GF finished putting together some stuff for the campaign. You know, icons, maps, that sorta thing. Anyways, my character sucks at chess, as we established in the first session. But she’s from Chicago area. So the rest of the session has just been my extremely flirtatious and violent vampire teaching the others, calmly, how to play Euchre. And going on angry rants about how much she hates the Midwest. But hey, at least our 200 year-old 12 year-old master is having fun 😀

So, this is the setup. Our DM spends a good 10 minutes describing a troll who is 9ft tall, made almost completely of cyberware, glass teeth, blood spurting everywhere, crushing everything in his wake. This is what our face says when we meet him, in a german accent. I have never heard out DM be shocked into silence before.

We all make sacrifices

No, we should rest, feed the horses and wait until morning…

Playing dungeons and dragons. the party just killed a large mechanical monster that compacts down into a hyper dense orb upon death. the party cleric tries to move it, rolls a 1, gets a hand stuck under the orb.
The fighter laughs at her, tries to help, ALSO rolls a 1.
Now half the party has their hands stuck under the ball.

Multi Melta Cookery

our rogue just stole a tea set from a rich quest giver after failing a stealth roll