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The NPC Jalapeño reporter (he’s jalapeño business) said this after being asked where they kept their own when not using it. We had a small break for laughter.

Yes, she’s ferocious, but she’s still a girl.

How to hide a Tiefling

The rather promiscuous fae-touched mage has her limits… Not many though

Sigil has an… Interesting method for distributing damage.

If you visit us from a mobile device, you might notice that things look a little… different. We’re starting to roll out a new mobile-friendly view for the site, but it’ll take a bit of work to get it right so bare with us whilst we fiddle with it.

Tomoorow is the third and final Games Day of 2014, run by E-Collectica and QftT. Hopefully we should have some awesome quotes from the games we play for you all tomorrow.


If you’re in the Shrewsbury area and looking for something to do, come over to the Morris Hall from 9:00am to 4:30pm and play some games with us.

We now have an obituaries section! Tell us of your characters’ noble sacrifices, how they threw themselves into harms way to protect the innocent and save the world.

Or, as is more likely, how they died doing utterly stupid things that beggar belief. Because we know you’ve got more of THESE stories than the other type…

The DM was getting rather frustrated at his giant, floating brain’s inability to actually do any damage to us.