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DM: Theres a Door at the end of the hallway
Elf Theif: Shall i just sneak up to it agai…
Elf Wizard: I run at the door!
DM: Wow… So Samuel runs at the door at breakneck speeds. His extremely low strength means he smacks into the door and loses a HP
Elf Thief: I slap him
DM: Again!?
DM: You slap Samuel so hard you knock him unconcious. You’re an idiot

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So some skeletons were attacking the party. The Elf Wizard (Who for some reason decided he was more Gnome Sized than Elf Sized) jumped out of the Dwarf’s beard into what he called a “Spinning Jump Slash” which he described as “Holding the sword above his head and jumping through the air while spinning”. Rolling a critical, he turned the skeleton into a white mist. However, he turned out to be overzealous as the skeleton’s mate clobbered him and knocked him out

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In response to a meerkat shooting up the barbarians leg. Some marsupial confusion ensued as to whether it was meerkats or ferrets did this. Turns out meerkats do since Old Baldy ended up with a rip in his trousers and a meerkat stain on his leg

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