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So, this is the setup. Our DM spends a good 10 minutes describing a troll who is 9ft tall, made almost completely of cyberware, glass teeth, blood spurting everywhere, crushing everything in his wake. This is what our face says when we meet him, in a german accent. I have never heard out DM be shocked into silence before.

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While our intrepid group of shadow-runners were trapped inside of a cell in the middle of a mysterious compound, our mystic adept troll decided to bother one of our fellow cell mates. What ensued was an awkward and hilarious dance between him and the silent and un-nerved prisoner, who just wanted to be left alone. When a third party asked what the hell was going on, our troll replied with this. Needless to say, it brought the house down around the chat.

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On a demolition mission, our party ends up in a abandoned building with a group of rag-tag protestors. We look in the corner filled with trash and one member uses heat-vision to see there is a humanoid-figure in there. This was the next question, complete with dramatic voice.

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