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The druid debates his stance on pacifism with regards the already-deceased. The barbarian debates which one dies next

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So, as it stood; this is roughly the same day actually- we played until about 2am. But, my paladin had his Evildar on; and is pinging undead. Well, as we progress; there are Ghasts and Ghouls that are taunting us- crying for help; and inducing fear/insanity checks in everyone. Except me, I’m a god-damn paladin and really I’m not ruled by fear, shaken, or really plussed by this. I’m from Azeroth, I’ve seen worse.

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So, we continue on; and- spot a bit of light in the middle of a VERY DARK CLEARING. My character’s response is a rather dry, “Wonderful, a trap; marvelous. Shall I go spring it?”

Our face agrees that I should; but, they remain about 60ft behind me. So; with that, I valiantly dismounted my warhorse; and began forward. Adamantine battle-ax in one hand, my bonded shield in the other. I could not lose right? Not at all, but; as I neared it.

It was a girl, around 13 from what my 20 (12+8) perception check said; and she was covered in sheer cloth and- otherwise; looked healthy. She was nude other than the cloth; but, my character- being that he’s from an age where that’s mildly acceptable. Didn’t care.

He decides to call out, to parley really. But first, Evildar go. She pings as ‘oh fuck evil’, I was attempting to Parley while doing so. So, she was paying attention to me.

The girl turned, faced my character. And a battle of wills began as the spirit within her body tried to possess my character. Not what my character expected, neither was the blinding feed-back from detect evil which caused his ears and nose to bleed as if he had been boxed in both of them really, fucking, hard. I mean, it’s not all that much, but still.

The battle of wills is rather short; my character’s rather insanely high will-save (+11 normally, but against possession and other mind affecting things it’s around +19 or +20.) he resisted it at a roll of 30; about mid way; but still five over the DC to resist it.

“Crusader Moirighton let’s out a scream that seems to be amplified by an involuntarily cast Clarion Call, “VILE WRETCH YOU ARE MINE TO SEND BACK TO THE FINAL DEATH COWARDLY WHORE!” ”

So; that said (screamed) it doesn’t take more than a moment for the spirit to come to the realization that my character’s a paladin- and flees.

This causes the girl to explode in a shower of gore and black blood too.

Or as the DM says…

“Game Master… of DOOM (GM): An invisible force tears apart the girl in front of you. She sinks down to the ground in a sack of entrails and shredded skin before rotting and slowly sinking into the ground.”

Needless to say, after the party; save me, freaking the fuck out; I get to say the action I’d been wishing to say for a while now.

“Crusader Moirighton spat, one of his teeth having cracked as he’d grit it so hard he did so. But, now; he turned and everyone could see that he was far, far more annoyed than normal; and also blood was dribbling down his face and plinking against his chestplate, “No, we continue on and destroy the damned spirit here; I saw it flee, it cannot run from those like myself. We hunt.” His teeth bare in a snarl, “We hunt.” ”

And that was how we found out that Michael Bay was our DM. Wonderful times isn’t it?

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Well, the beginning of the campaign was… Interesting; we’re having Planar Rifts opening everywhere. Demiplanes, Planes, Elysium, Hell; it doesn’t matter, if it exists? There is a Rift of it somewhere. We had closed the Demiplanar Rift to the Demi-Plane of Salt, where Negative and Earth planes intersected.

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(As an aside, my character was from a different reality and operated on Warhammer Fantasy/World of Warcraft logic of a Libram helping focus and holding many spells- but that’s neither here nor there.)

Then we heard rumors of mysterious disappearances in a farming commune through a forest. No one had really gotten over there in almost a five years- which was how long the wards lasted really; or should have.

We found out, thanks to our Party Face- and me; the Anti-Face/Religious Guy, investigating good leads. We had two other members who, really; didn’t do anything other than whine and complain. And one couldn’t understand how to into questioning.

So, we’re on our way into the ‘dark forest’. It wasn’t all that bad really, until about midway through; when, while it was day time? It was nearly pitch. This wouldn’t be so bad, except we see a man in the road. He’s mangled badly, coughing, and trying to crawl to safety. Or we assume; my character and our newly joined Cleric- who happened to be a viking, decide to get out and heal the man. He’s obviously wounded; it’s dark so the blood is really nearly black anyway in that.

We heal him for; about 30 damage. We feel good! We saved someone.

Until the DM posts.

Game Master… of DOOM (GM): He disintegrates and splatters you with a black, oozing substance.

Both me and the Cleric; are rather surprised; the Cleric- without missing a beat- just states.

“… Well shit, he exploded. That’s bad right?”

And thus started our adventure in the EVIL FOREST. Which may or may not be more like a Michael Bay movie than we want.

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While discussing likely ways to defeat a zombie horde the consept of using a vehicle to run them down came up. This was quickly shot down with reference to ‘World War Z’ where a bus was pushed over by the collective weight of a throng of the undead. Thankyou Chris for the words! I have also toned down the language slightly…

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